Score one for Score…

This year Panini has pulled out all the stops with Score football.

It went from a very low tier release to a top notch product with great inserts and loaded with autos.

My hobby jumbo box had 4 autos!

We will get to all that but first I have to highlight something else great about this set, the photos. They are great! Here are a mess of examples of what I am talking about.

 photo s2_zps565e76a2.jpg
A great shot of AP and his teammates celebrating his amazing season.

 photo s8_zps9f57205e.jpg
Jared doings what Jared does.

 photo s14_zps918fb09b.jpg
A great shot of Colin, so much going on in this photo.

 photo s20_zps7f8fdd19.jpg

 photo s19_zps836344a8.jpg
Look at me I’m an airplane!

 photo s21_zpsc7e0ac0f.jpg
Check out his eyes locked on the ball, so cool.

 photo s22_zps773c9af9.jpg
The Heisman after a TD.

 photo s23_zps021866e9.jpg
What a cool an unique shot of young Mr. Luck.

 photo s18_zps5728b3d0.jpg
I love the drop the mic TD celebration.

 photo s17_zpsf2b242b4.jpg
The Steelers love the drop the mic.

 photo s16_zpsf8173433.jpg
Stretching for 6.

 photo s15_zpsfcceddbd.jpg
“Look out coach”

 photo s13_zps0e81be35.jpg
I hope we will get to see more of this from Matt in Minny.

 photo s12_zpse9332492.jpg

 photo s11_zpsafaed8aa.jpg
Another unique and cool shot of one of last years top rookies.

 photo s9_zps8b6ffc18.jpg
I can feel the hit from this card.

 photo s10_zps6d37c1ae.jpg
I love how unimpressed the guy in the background with the beard and radio looks.

 photo s7_zps047c462f.jpg
Big Ben always looks so clumsy.

 photo s6_zpsf6ff21a9.jpg
“..almost got it…”

 photo s5_zps278859dc.jpg
A cool shot

 photo s4_zpseeaa12f6.jpg
Stretching for 6 part 2.

 photo s3_zpsa4ec4665.jpg
Another shot with a ton going on.

 photo s1_zps725f101d.jpg
A jedi stiff arm.

Every card has a really cool photo! It really makes Score a must have set.

I will get to inserts and hits in another post.


4 responses to “Score one for Score…

  1. I like the design, though it’s kind of weird they don’t move the name team and Score logo to the bottom of the photo for the horizontal cards.

  2. Wow, those are nice photos!

  3. I would have gone without the foil on the base cards, but they are still nice. I gotta grab that David Wilson card. Sweet!

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