Hells yeah!

So young Mr. Tebow has a new team,
 photo Scan1-1.jpg
He will be taking his talents north to Foxborough.

This is a win, win, win, win.

A win for Tebow in that he will be on a team coached by a guy that will figure out the best way to use his talents.
A win for the pats in they get a proven winner and hard working in timmy boy.
A win for Tebow fans in that he will once again be a winner.
A win for the hobby. Like him or not his success is good for sports cards.

One thing I like about this is tim won’t have to worry about a distracting QB controversy. He isn’t there to be their to fight for that job, that belongs to this guy.
Having Tim on the team isn’t going to do a thing to tom’s confidence.

Frankly I don’t think Tom will give two…well you know whats…about Tim being in town.

I am by no means a Pats fan but I love Tom Brady. He just seems to above it all. He just chills with his pretty boy hairdo and super model wife and doesn’t get bothered. He goes out and dominates on the field, he has 3 rings in his case and a straight line to Canton. I feel like if you asked him about Tim Tebow on his team he may not know what you are talking about.

Love it or hate it Timmy on the pats should be interesting.


One response to “Hells yeah!

  1. Don’t forget that they can repurpose Mr. Tebow as a TE pretty effectively, and he may be willing to do, so since it’s Tom Brady ahead of the depth chart and not a gilded scrub like Mark Sanchez. It turns out that the Pats have a sudden opening at TE, since that one “alleged” murderer guy is probably not going to suit up in anything but orange for a while, and I don’t mean throwback Tampa Bay unis…

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