The aftermath…

I am not always the best collector when it comes to organization.

Often when I open a box of cards I just stack them back in the empty box they came in and they sit in the kitchen for like a long ass time. I may pullout a really valuable card and put it in a top loader, but sometimes i don’t even do that.

My wife had enough and finally had me “take care” of the busted boxes I had stacked on the hutch.

Here is the aftermath…
 photo aftermath-1_zps402d9122.jpg
That represents a ton of fun right there.

The stack of toploaders is from those boxes and a box of Archives I opened. That box is already in the trash. I opened it at my parents house, and my dad is incapable of having a stack of cards in front of him that isn’t in numerical order. So those cards came home organized and in a brand new monster box I picked up.

Some day I need to take pictures of the stacks of cards in my card room. It would probably make people sick. I have like Kareem Abdul Jabar autos and patch cards numbered to 10 or less just hanging out, not even in toploaders. It’s kinda ridiculous.


3 responses to “The aftermath…

  1. I tend to do the same thing and place the cards i just opened back in the box they arrived in. It’s like a nice little re-gifting when i get back to them though.

    my cards also just lay around…until my son found a stack of Robinson Cano’s that needed to be destroyed and eaten. Tonight they go in the closet.

  2. I’m the same way. Right now there is a stack of 2013 Topps cards on the chair in the den with a Brooks Robinson rookie stuck in it somewhere. At least I hope it’s there cuz I’ve looked everywhere else.

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