The pile…

So I went downstairs to my little home office. It’s the extra bedroom that I have all my crap. My cards, my old comic book collection, action figures, Star Wars busts… All the stuff I used to spend my time on before I got married and had kids. Some may call it a man cave, but I refuse to call it that because I hate that term.


I took some photos of the various stacks and piles of cards. Some of it wasn’t as bad as I thought, some was far worse.

Here is a sample shot of what I am dealing with.
 photo 3ce80b32-94a9-4c27-8762-fd8c08c58a46_zps9ab67c73.jpg
A few things I would like to point out here:

-The stack of Brett Hull rookie cards, not in cases mind you, just chillin out. There are four of them there from a box my son and I busted from the National last year. That is as far as they made it.

-The weird cut glass bottle in the background. I honestly have no idea what that is or where it came from. I didn’t even notice it until I cropped the picture. Maybe my wife put it there.

-The Stack up front is my collection of HOF auto cards. That is a sweet on-card Killabrew on top. In that stack has an ebay value of at least $1000.

-In the middle is a Titus Young auto I got in the mail as a redemption. Two things of note there, he just got out of jail and the card is just in a penny sleeve, I took the toploader it came in to use for a card I sold on ebay because I couldn’t find an empty one anywhere.

-It’s hard to tell but under Titus is an old Crown Royale Mark McGuire 70 HR commemorative card.

-Bottom right is my stack of John Hamilton chrome rookies, I believe my 1/1 letter patch is at the bottom of that pile.

-Back middle is an interesting pile. On the bottom is an oversized Andy Daulton auto card from Panini, on top of that is a DVD collection of Strong Bad Emails from the Homestar Runner website, on top I believe is a 1988 Topps Neil Brotten. A fine pile by anyone’s measure.

-The bottom left corner has a stack of I believe Panini black cards, on top is one of the Rams rookies that I pulled in everything last year. It’s a sweet patch auto. I think its Brian Quick, but it might be the other guy, I forget his name.

This is one of about 10 pictures of such piles I have.

More to come…


3 responses to “The pile…

  1. Your stacks contain a lot nicer cards than the stacks decorating the desk in my office.

  2. I also hate the term “man cave” … ugh, I even hate that I just typed it out.

    And I like the bottle reference. There are items in my card room that I never put in there — but I know who did.

  3. My wife calls me a “neat freak”, and I really am. When it comes to my office “card room” though, it looks like a scene from an episode of hoarders. I can’t explain it.

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