Panic in Va…

So I was posting away all carefree about how I have stacks of nice cards just chilling out. Aren’t I so silly that i don’t care…

Then I thought, “Hey, where is my Kareem auto?”

I went and thumbed through some stacks on the top shelf of my card/comic bookcase. That is where most hits and stuff from breaks go to wait for a toploader.

No dice.

My heart started to race a bit and my face got a tad warmer.

I then went to the second shelf.


A little warmer in the face.

I went over to the old desk in the corner where I mainly have older Bowman and EEE I sort through looking for prospects just hitting the biggs.


Starting to sweat.

Maybe I put it in a toploader, so I go through the 10 stacks of those on the shelf and the three packed shoeboxes full of toploaders.

Oh shit, this isn’t funny anymore.

Dripping sweat.

I look upstairs in the kitchen; look in my sons pile of cards in his room. Go through ever stack of cards 2-3 times. Finally I just stare blankly at the room and say out loud, “What am I missing?”

I go through just about everything at least 2 more times. I am about to give up and head to bed when I walk over to the desk and pick up a small stack with a few random 2010-11 Score hockey cards on top. I am not sure if I looked through it, but was pretty sure it wouldn’t be there.

There he is
 photo ttkareemauto.jpg
Thank god!

I put him in a penny sleeve and a 75 pt. toploader, then put him with teh rest of my HOFer autos and went to bed.

Learn from my ordeal, get the big guys put away immediately!


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