What year is this…

I recently busted a box of Panini’s new Team USA set.

I am an American so I like a nice Team USA set. This set is a little different than some of the sets released by other companies in the last few years in that it is packs and not a complete set and that it includes the collegiate and high school teams and the WBBC team. So vets AND prospects.

A few of the cards really caught my eye in that it brought back some fond memories.

Here is the first guy, this may be the card I was most excited about.
 photo usawally_zpsd142885e.jpg
It’s Wally Joyner!

When is the last time you saw a Wally Joyner card!? It had to be the ’90s. For those of you under 30 you don’t remember when he was a semi big name in the hobby. This card makes me incredibly happy.

Next is another card that brings back memories.
 photo usaben_zps50128579.jpg
Remember Ben McDonald?

He was the IT rookie for a spell. I hadn’t thought about him in over 20 years when I opened his card here. I think he was #1 overall. He never became a star but did retire with a winning record.

The last card is a legit cool get.
 photo usawilldiecut_zps313fc113.jpg
Will Clark, where have you gone.

I loved Will as a kid, easily one of my top 5 players. I even had one of those caricature t-shirts of the man.

I like the blue and the die-cutting.

Will is one of those guys that never looked young.

I have a ton more of these cards to post but wanted to drop these in their own post because I love them so.


2 responses to “What year is this…

  1. Super jeals of your Ben McDonald and Will Clark – I went to the same schools as both those dudes….!

  2. whats with the die-cutting on the Will Clark? Looks like they’re running out of ideas for the cutting, or got really lazy.

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