You’re my boy Blue!

I got home form work on Friday and found a mice little surprise, a Topps redemption envelope.

It was my chrome camo auto fo TY Hilton.

TY had a nice season. In any other year he would have been a big name, but sharing the field with one of the top rookies EVER kept him in the Shadows.

I was happy to get the card be even happier with what else was in the envelope, a pack of Blue Wave refractors!

A nice little bonus.

My favorite of the bunch was this dude.
 photo bluewave_zpsfe114a23.jpg

I like these a lot. Topps and Panini are really pushing the color variations and I for one am a fan!


One response to “You’re my boy Blue!

  1. I love Harrison Smith, but really hate the bad photoshop job on his jersey, specially his numbers on this issue. I’m not saying I could do better haha but you would think they could have hired someone that could.

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