A little Past and a little Pressent…

I love me some Past and Present, I am even on record.

This years set continues where they left off last year and went a little further with the inclusion of rookies.

On the topic of rookies here is the top dog of this years class…
 photo pplillard_zpsa434e1e1.jpg
Not too bad.

I like the retro look of these cards and special props for the old school flat gloss free surface.

The autos are mostly rookies. I didn’t get anyone too great in my box but these are cool enough.
 photo pprcauto_zps39ba70f8.jpg
Whenever I look at this dudes name i think of spaghetti sauce…

The other autos in the set tend to be retired players.
 photo ppautosikma_zps905d7df9.jpg
Jack Sikma, there is a name i haven’t thought of in a long time.

The base cards seem to come in two variaties,
 photo pplove_zps9a7c00c7.jpg
The stars along the side and
 photo ppduncan_zpsf244e5b6.jpg
geometric shapes.

I think I like the second type a little better.

Just like last year we get a ton of cool inserts.

 photo pptreads_zpsedfa3260.jpg
It wasn’t until I was scanning this that a realized the background is the bottom of a shoe.

 photo pploveinsert_zps13b775b1.jpg
These are unique in that the other inserts all have a very modern look while these keep the retro look of the base set.

 photo ppshattered_zps11eb1525.jpg
Blake slam!

 photo ppsp_zpsa6373430.jpg
This is a one per box SP.

These have received some attention both good and not so good.
 photo ppheadband_zps4fd5d823.jpg
The fuzzy headband cards. Some say they are a stupid gimmick. I say those people need to lighten up. They are silly for sure but that is a good thing in my mind.

Panini didn’t let the flocking machine sit too long as they have a second fuzzy insert in the set.
 photo ppbanner_zps38ac4dc9.jpg
Little banners of championship teams. I am a fan. Both cards i got in my box where from the Rockets.

These boxes are pretty cheap and you get a ton of fun cards.


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