Catch Up…

I have a mess of reviews to post so I am going to start now…

I posted a mess of scans of this years Score Football a while back.

Some of the best photos I have seen in a long time. So great that they almost over shadow the hits and rookies, almost.

Score stepped up the game a bit from a low-tier release to a more mid-tier. Hobby boxes say one auto or relic, but many i have seen had 2-3 per box. My box had 4, all autos.

Included in my 4 autos was an awesome Throw-back Inscriptions auto and a Hot Rookies auto numbered to 25!
 photo 7a9bd2e2-4c54-4fe1-a354-b53b93a10330_zps2e9aa950.jpg

The gold and sparkle parallels are numbered to 50 and 99 respectively.

Overall Score kills it this year. What could have been a throw away early release is in fact a real solid set.


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