What makes me happy…

I like the MLB All Star game. I look forward to it every summer. I drive home from work with a smile on as I look forward to my wife and kicking up our feet and enjoying the classic, and the HR Derby. Actually I think I like Derby a little more.

The game is even more fun when a few Twins and a few other dudes I like are playing.

Here in no particular order are a few of the players (non-Twins) that make me happy this year. Here are a few of my favorite selections along with their best and/or coolest card from my collection.

Alex Gordon
 photo Scan3.jpg
This pick is heavily collection influenced. My Topps ’52 red auto up there is on the rise with Alex’s success. He is a first time All Star and finally starting to live up to his early season hype!

Paul Goldschmidt
 photo Goldsauto-1.jpg
Paul seems like a good dude and is another 1st time All Star. He is currently finishing his degree and that is a win in my book.

Adam Jones
 photo Scan189.jpg
I have been a fan of Mr. Jones since his days in Seattle. He is one of the big names on the ultra exciting O’s squad. I was very surprised to learn this is his 3rd All Star appearance, not because i don’t think he has been a baller for years, I just don’t remember him..

Jose Bautista
 photo 2005-Bowman-Draft-Relic-Variations-Jose-Bautista_zps2810038f.jpg
I say Jose is the most underrated player in the league. His 4th appearance and a much deserved starting spot.

Troy Tulowitzki
 photo troyauto_zps1e311687.jpg
Troy is another underrated guy. He has started before due to an injury but this is his first year being voted a starter, but he may not get to play due to injury, queue Alanis… Troy has been a force for several years now but isn’t as big a hobby name as some other guys that aren’t nearly as good a players as he is.

Carlos Gonzalez
 photo cgochrome_zps5f27e8f5.jpg
Troy’s teammate out in Colorado is another underrated player. Carlos had a legit shot at a Triple Crown a few years back but still most people don’t know who he is. Carlos is a member of the monster 2005 baseball card class so he has always been one of my favorites.

JJ Hardy
 photo jjhardyxrc_zpsab0c3b72.jpg
JJ is a baller. I am happy to see the former Twin in the spot light.

I am also really happy for Michael Cuddyer. But I am still too depressed at the fact the Twins just let him go a few years back. he and the 5 other former Twins are just too much for me to handle.


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