VCU Update…

Today I moved to Richmond.

I am living on campus in a faculty apartment, so it’s like grad school all over again!

The Redskins are also in richmond so maybe I will have some nice Hogs related posts, we will see.

I am living the bachelor while my wife and kids are back in our old house while we look for a new on here in town, so I may have more time to post very soon.

In the meantime check out these sick Panini Brilliance cards that I have been bad about and not yet posted, sorry Tracy…

 photo pbparalel_zpsa3c94c57.jpg
Brilliance parallel

 photo pbmchale_zps92c90d3f.jpg
HOF subset

 photo pblillard_zps88655d47.jpg
Rookie base

 photo pblebron_zps5b7c734c.jpg

 photo pbjersey_zps783a5eaa.jpg
Jumbo relic, of KD no less!

 photo pbirving_zpsc18484b2.jpg
Rookie insert

 photo pbduncaninsert_zps5528fed4.jpg
Accolades insert

 photo pbhoracegrant_zps20c28b39.jpg
Retired player base, love the goggles!

 photo pbduncan_zpsf3406cc8.jpg

 photo pbblake_zpsd7fcb0fe.jpg
Another insert

 photo pbautos_zps0e1bd6a1.jpg
Rookie autos

A great product, a lot of fun to bust.

I need to get some sleep as tomorrow is my first day at the new job.

HAVOC baby!


2 responses to “VCU Update…

  1. Tell Shaka I said “what up”.

  2. Hey Kevin, Welcome to RVA! Maybe we can get together (once you’re settled in) and peruse each other’s collections.

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