the National…

Last year I have the pleasure of going to the National when it was in B-More. On top of that I got to go with my dad and what is better than a trip to a card show with you father? Not much.

Panini is making some of their National packs available to folks that buys select boxes on their site.

I saw the post about it as I was wrapping up my day at work yesterday. I had a good day and got a ton accomplished so I decided what the hell and ordered a box. I am a fan of Elite so I chose a 2013 FB box.
elite football
I get 5 packs with it.

After I ordered I realized I could have picked up 8 packs if I bough a box of Marque BBall for the same price, oh well…

Last year Panini gave me a handful of packs at the show. I opened about half and gave the rest away. I got some cool cards, the top dog being a Dr. J cards numbered to 5. I would post a scan but it is packed away with the rest of my cards for the move.

Another sweet card was this one.
 photo luckpanini.jpg

This years football class aint looking so hot, so I doubt anyone base will be this cool, but it sounds like Geno may be under center before too long for the Jets. God the Jets are a train wreck…

I didn’t pull any autos in my packs but I heard back from the guy that won the give away from the site and he got a nice auto, Stephen Hill if I remember correctly.

If nothing else the box and packs will help me pass the time in my faculty apartment at VCU while we try and find a house.

On the richmond tip check this out…
It’s called a yarn bomb. It’s a hipster form of civil disobedience.

For those that don’t know Richmond is a major hipster town, not quit Billy-berg or Austin, but pretty darn close.

I did find a great hang out spot.
Most of the guys in the place have beards so it’s kinda like this site. See, it’s called Mojo’s and they have beards, so Mojobeards…get it?

They have good cheesesteaks and burgers and good happy hours specials, so that’s cool.


One response to “the National…

  1. I haven’t been to Mojos though I’ve driven right by it several times. All of the Hipsters hanging around Richmond wouldn’t be so bad if they actually took a bath or a shower.

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