What the hell ARod?

So ARod released a statement saying he can’t wait to join his teammates this week for a series in Chicago. I am willing to bet that excitement is his and his alone. I would imagine his teammates are as sick of his crap as the rest of us.

It looks like come Monday he will be heading home, not to chi-Town, to sit on his butt for a good long while. He is expected to be suspended the rest of the season, maybe more.

I am annoyed with ARod for two reason:

First off he had all the talent in the world and he has effectively thrown it away to push in a few more homeruns.

I am not sure when he started juicing, perhaps after one of his injuries, but I would imagine he would still have HOF numbers even with out a little chemical assistance. No matter what happens from here out his rep is tarnished beyond repair and in the current voting climate Cooperstown is off the table for sure. What a waste.

So Arod, maybe you finish with just 500+ dingers instead of 600+, you still would be an all-time great!

But no, hubris won out over humility…

Second, his actions have ruined countless card collections.
 photo arod94sp.jpg
His cards were the toast of the hobby for many years. His 1994 SP rookie was a top 5 cards for many years. People slapped down major bank for the man. Hell I even bought one a few months back for about $20. I even posted asking if I was crazy, I guess the answer is yes.

his autos where always the most valuable. His patch and relic’s were mini goldmines. A low numbered ARod was the corner stone of almost any collection. he was the man!

Sure, maybe we should have known better but still. I am sure even his top of the line stuff, line A&G autos, will drop even bellow the fire sale prices we currently see. The ARod bubble if you will.

He should have been the greatest of his generation, now he is just another casualty of the steroid era.

Come on man, you had all the talent in the world, a once in a generation player. All you had to do was play the game and be a decent guy, but you just couldn’t and now we all get to pay the price together.



2 responses to “What the hell ARod?

  1. Last year, I almost bought two cases of 1994 Flair baseball (series one & two) in hopes of building a master set of these beautiful cards. I’m glad I waited. I still want to build this set… but with A-Rod on everyone’s cold list… hopefully I can pay a lot less.

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