What to do…

So Arod was handed a massive suspensions. The earliest he can even think about stepping on the diamond is spring 2015.

This jerk should have his sights on 700 at that time, not contemplating even he can even play anymore. Such a waste of talent. imagine what a guy like Pat Neshek could have done with ARod god given gift.

So now what?

What the hell are we the fans supposed to do? Steroids have robbed us of a generation of greats.

So who is the HR king?

Does the 500 HR club matter anymore?

Can a guy ever hit 50 dingers and not get sideways glances form the fans and pundits?

Perhaps we can fall back on what we always have, history.

 photo killebrewrookie.jpg
That’s better.

Harmon was a true HR hitting beast. He had more homeruns in the ’60s than any other player. Think of all the big time sluggers that played in the ’60s, May’s, Aaron, Mantle, Marris, Frank Robinson… Of all those HOFers Harmon was top dog.

 photo frankrobinsonrc.jpg
Ahhhh, so refreshing. Frank had well over 500 round trippers. He also won a Triple Crown and an MVP award in each league.

 photo schmidtrookie.jpg
The other guys were before my time but Schmidt was right in my wheel house.

I don’t know what to think about the steroid stuff. It just sucks.

I still blame Bud Selig though…


5 responses to “What to do…

  1. I may be misquoting but I think Schmidt said that if he took steroids he would have hit 800 home runs.

  2. The leagues hype the competition beyond a fathomable standard. They promote the behemoth type players in all sports, not just baseball. The general fan base (not the purists, the sports writers, the pundits and bloggers) wants to see HRs. They want to see 105mph fastballs. They want to see Usain Bolt speed on the basepaths. Those things are so naturally rare that supply doesn’t meet demand. Therefore you get guys that want the fame and glory and fan admiration. Its a big payday for them and the quicker they get there, the better for their wallets. That’s why PEDs exist. Its competitive edge over skill and hard work.

  3. Man… that John Hilton rookie card is sweet. Need to grab one for my Padres PC.

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