Today was a good day…

This is a non baseball card post, so be forewarned…

Today we had two solid deals here in the beautiful city of Richmond.

The first was the bette of the two…
 photo sandwich_zps2134595b.jpg
It was dollar sandwich day at Jimmy Johns in Richmond!

That is right, one dollar, one buck, 100 pennies, 10 dimes, a 1/100 of a benny…

You get it.

I got to the JJs on Franklin street at about 1:30 and waited in line for about 15 minutes. I handed over the my $1.11 and got my #5, a Vito hold the tomatoes.

The thing is I had already had lunch when a co-worker told me about the dollar sandwich deal, but come one who can turn down a dollar sandwich!

After work I headed down Main Street to Capital Ale House. Thursday is $5 off a growler fill. I took the 6 block walk and got my growler filled with Devils Backbone Vienna Lager. Mmmmmmmmmm! So tasty.

I am enjoying it as a write this sentence.
 photo beer_zps1ada6deb.jpg
Check out the badass glass. The faculty apartment I am staying in comes equipped. I am a big fan of these glasses. Not as cool as my Fitgers Brewery pint glasses back home, but pretty darn close!

All and all a pretty sweet day!


3 responses to “Today was a good day…

  1. Not a fan of lagers…but I do like me a filled up growler. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. $1 sandwiches? I’m all over that. What’s in a Vito?

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