I am not sure if folks are familiar with the website baseball card vadals, but it’s worth a peak.

Basically they take cards and draw stuff on them. Here are a few of my favorites.

 photo badpitch_zpsddd35ef9.jpg
This is good use of what the photo has to offer. It’s stupid and juvenile but made me laugh.

 photo phinecord_zps93293df9.jpg
Another silly one that made me laugh much harder than I should have.

There is something so simple yet genius with this concept. The phone cord wrapped around him just seems to make sense.

 photo vandals_zps8a868299.jpg
These two I find downright disturbing. They are nightmare level stuff.

Don’t make eye contact with them and lets move on…

 photo plant_zpse7dbb7a5.jpg
This is hands down my favorite.

Take a peak at the site, it’s very silly.


4 responses to “Weird…

  1. Thanks for sharing… headed over there now.

  2. I kinda feel like they’re trying way too hard to be funny on some of them.

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