Where in the world…

I was loooking at my stats for the site, in particluar the number of hits from different countries.

By far the biggest chucnk comes from the US, like 94%. A few of the other counteries on the list were surprising.

Here is the top ten in order of number of hits:


A few surprises there.

India is further up the list than I would have thought. I would guess this is due to the large ammount of IT work and IT profesnional in India. I would hazard that mst websites have a decent percentage of traffic from India compared to other counteries.

The Sudan at number 7 is a big shock. I wonder why they are so high up. If you are reading this and are from the Sudan drop a line and educate me a bit on whats what.

I am surprised that South Korea isn’t in the top ten (they are #12). It is a pretty tech savvy place with a decent population of collectors.

If asked I would have guessed Japan would be #2 but nope, it’s our friends to the north. Canada has over 3 times as many hits as Japan.

As I look at the list I would have placed Israel higher as well. It has a good number of ex-pats and Americans living there so I would assume a good number of collectors.



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