My Panini National packs…

my box of 2013 Elite Football arrived!

With it came my five 2013 The National exclusive sliver packs.
 photo paninipacks.jpg
OK, these are the packs from last year, but they look pretty much the same this year.

Before I go any further I must warn you I am currently sans scanner. As many of you know I am in the process of moving to a brand new city, so my scanner has been packed away. It it’s place I have been taking some nice close up with my iPhone 4s.

I have bought a new house so I should be back to full power before too long.

If I may digress for a moment the new house is pretty badass. It has a two car garage, a nice big deck off the kitchen and a BASEMENT! Anyone from Richmond or any of the surrounding principalities knows this is very rare in this area. Pretty sweet! I am also about 2 miles from a Capital Ale House. Needless to say the family and I am pretty excited.

My wife in particular is very relieved. I am not sure i ever mentioned this but my wife is due in November with our third. The thought of living in a faculty apartment with a newborn had her a little uneasy.

OK, back to the cards…

 photo photo46_zpsedc181ca.jpg
I got a few rookies and they are cool enough. None of my base rookies are too great, but…

 photo photo44_zpsd5e792d2.jpg
I did get a sweet prizmy looking deal of EJ Manuel. I believe it’s called shattered ice or some such thing.

The iPhone 4s doesn’t do it justice. It’s pretty badass in person.

My favorite card, and only numbered card was this one.
 photo photo49_zpsa1573fa9.jpg
Mister Buxton!

The only thing that gives me as a Twins fan any sense of hope…

 photo photo45_zpsc53d09a4.jpg
I don’t know much about the NHL these days so I have no idea if this is a good hit or not. it’s a nice looking card either way.

The last card is the most impressive.
 photo photo48_zps751e018b.jpg
I love these!

Panini puts together all kinds of kooky stuff at the various rookie events. The genius move on their part is they use them for giveaways. A card of a cut up towel a player had around his neck in a high end product may not be too well received. In a fun little bonus like this it’s perfect.

I really wanted to pull one of these and has pleaded to see this card. I am also happy it’s of a player I have heard of before.

The packs were fun, another win for Hackler and company.


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