Elite football, or how I got free cards…

To get my free National Convention packs I bought a box of Elite.

I ran down my National packs the other day so here is a peak at my Elite box.

I love Elite. I have for years, I even wrote a post on the Panini blog about it. So I am not a hard sell.

The base cards are one of my favorite Elite designs in years.
 photo photo51_zps1e8a8332.jpg
I am not normally a fan of so much mirroredness (new word?) on my cards but Elite is a different beast.

In my mind a good Elite design almost needs to be ugly, well ugly may not be the right word. It needs too be a little outdated looking.

It has to be simple and very geometric. It can’t have round edges, squares and rectangles are as wild as it should get.

The set is a throwback to the very early ’90s. It is a window to what we once thought high end ultra rare cards should be. Ultra rare as in limited to just 10,000 copies.

Elite sets are almost like those old Popular Mechanics articles on the house or car of the future. What we thought the future may hold. As with the atomic self driving car things didn’t go as planned.

Anyway this is a great Elite design. Square and mirror perfection.

 photo photo55_zps7a1fb976.jpg
I would like to point out that the background on the cards kinda matches my counter tops.

So will Luck have a good sophomore year? Time will tell. His buddy RG3 seems to be having some issues.

Elite non auto/relic rookies are some of my favorites. This years are cool enough.
 photo photo52_zps54ffea0f.jpg
Same as the base with a RC logo and numbering.

Here are the rest of mine.
 photo photo53_zps9d764afd.jpg
Te’o is my only “big” name.

This year offers up green parallels
 photo photo56_zps0e1bad17.jpg
In the past these tended to be blue, so the green is a nice change.

The iPhone 4s doesn’t do it justice. The green is super green in person, I would go as far as to call it emerald.

I am a huge fan of the base cards this year. Inserts and hits… I have some concerns.

More on that next post…


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