Have we learned nothing…

Collectors are great people, that is for sure, but we aren’t always the most rational. Let me present exhibit A:
This card, a regular base card, is on fire!

Breakers that recap on youtube include it as a hit, it’s driving up prices of boxes as some shops and the card is selling for around $10 on ebay!

Excitement is what drives our world, so ultimately each next big rookie is a good thing but come one.

Let me run a few names by everyone:
Kevin Maas
Jerome Walton
Gregg Jefferies
Phil Plantier
Joba Chamberlin

…it goes on and on…

Even the guys that hit, their stuff rarely hangs as high as the first push of their first cardboard.

I still can’t get his name right…


6 responses to “Have we learned nothing…

  1. pweeeg! yeah i hear ya… driving up the prices they are…

  2. It’s a $10 card and most complete HC sets on eBay are only going for $25-$30, so it’s not like it’s some kind of strange situation where no one can afford Ginter because of Puig-mania.

    Watch out when his Topps / Bowman autograph cards come out…

    He still has time on his side to do better than most rookie one-year wonders. – so far he’s lived up to the hype.

  3. I love it. People are dropping $10 for this card? For that price I can buy all of these rookie cards of HOFers off of COMC and still have 28¢ left over:
    1988 Fleer Update #122 Roberto Alomar XRC $.48
    1987 Donruss #492 Barry Larkin RC $.64
    1985 Topps #536 Kirby Puckett RC $2.25
    1983 Donruss #598 Tony Gwynn RC $3.60
    1983 Fleer #179 Wade Boggs RC $2.75

  4. Buy on the rumor, sell on the news. Wall Street Adage. I guess it could apply here.

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