This or that…

Which one?

’83 Topps Boggs


’83 Topps Gwynn



7 responses to “This or that…

  1. The Gwynn because it’s a better reference for bottoms comparison.

  2. I know it’s a bit of a cop out but I’ll take Boggs. It’s easier to like someone from the Red Sox. Also I like the smiling face in the inset photo. They’re both great players from the same era so it’s really a toss up.

  3. Gwynn… my favorite baseball player of all-time.

  4. Boggs. Both “action” photos are lame, yet somehow classic. But…. the Gwynn face-shot is bad. At least Boggs had the decency to smile.

  5. Gwynn, because he’s the face of my team… even if the card is focusing on his butt. Plus, it’s one of only two Gwynn cards to show him not in a #19 jersey (probably?). And because he didn’t finish his career playing for the Devil Rays.

  6. Boggs by default because I don’t really care to see Gwynn’s butt.

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