Allen and Ginter, in the flesh…

Today I have a meeting here at VCU in Ginter House. Yup that Ginter!

Seems his old home found his way into VCU’s portfolio.

Allen and Ginter orginiated in Richmond, they were primarily a tobacco company after all. Ginter was one of the two founders. He also fought on the confederate side during the civil war even though he was a Northerner by birth.

His company grew due to their inovation in cigarete rolling technology in the late half of the 19th century. His other inovation is the fan favoirte cigarete trading card that paved the way for the hobby we all know and love.

Pretty cool.


2 responses to “Allen and Ginter, in the flesh…

  1. He’s also buried nearby:

    If you’ve never visited Hollywood Cemetery, it’s a worth a trip. Some presidents and other neat things.

  2. 2 presidents, 3 if you count Jefferson Davis.

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