Bandwagon time!

Saturday night my family and I were enjoying some delicious bbq and a local bbq joint.

As we sipped our sweet tea and gobbled down pulled pork and mac and cheese the Raiders vs Bears game was on what I like to call the TV.

It was the 2nd half and as I peaked up between bites of my succulent pulled pork and coleslaw sandwich I saw Terrelle Pryor take off to score a sweet rushing TD.

He also threw for another TD and had a 140ish passer rating.

I have anxiously awaited the emergence of Pryor as a star for sometime. I am back again with a completely unbacked from the seat of my pants statement.

Pryor is going to win the starting job in Oaktown and have a massive year.

 photo ggtpauto.jpg
His rookies will be the must have cards this year, beating out all of the rookies on the hot lists.

I still say he is a good buy at a handful of bucks for one of his rookie autos on ebay.

But what do I know…


6 responses to “Bandwagon time!

  1. Where were you eating?

  2. Hahaha! I hope you didn’t invest too much in him because you’ll be sorely disappointed–he’s as much of a QB as Tebow is. The fact that he’s starting has nothing to do with his talent level but how abysmal the Oakland QB situation is right now.

    • I know where you opinion is coming from Michigan boy ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Haha, you wish that was where it was coming from! And don’t forget, as a Michigan fan I got to see him play more than you did. He’s a freak athlete but a train wreck at QB, and Matt Flynn is so terrible anyone should have been able to beat him. Pryor will start until the Raiders can find a serviceable journeyman that won’t embarrass them, and then they can use him as a more versatile offensive weapon.

  3. A “servicable journeyman” would be a step up from what the Raiders have offered at QB for the past 20 years.

    I sure hope you’re right on that prediction!

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