The Ginter…

So a week ago I mentioned having a meeting in Lewis Ginter’s old house. Yeah, that Ginter!

Here it is
 photo 5a43321c-dc5c-4680-a954-d73cff605f83_zpsa517565e.jpg
It’s a giant old house. Very cool and Victoriany (new word).

The inside is all exqusite wood work. They don’t make mansions like they used to.

Above the fireplace in the foyer was this.
 photo 8d7482cf-13c5-4346-a483-3d228f38e391_zps03e25484.jpg

The man, the mystery.

It also has a little list of highlights posted. No mention of inventing modern trading cards though.

I should bust a piece of wood off the wall and try and sell it to Topps for a future relic release. Then again I like my job so maybe I won’t…



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