So Amazing…

Anyone that has been reading this blog for a while knows how much I love the circus that is the New York Jets.

Rex Ryan and company took a team that was a game from the Super Bowl and made it the laughing stock of the NFL in like 5 minutes. To be fair I should say they made the Jets the laughing stock again.

So to catch everyone one up on the boys in Green.

They finally let Tebow go after using him for nothing more than a way to destroy any confidence Mark Sanchez had left. The eventually passed both Tebow and Sanchez in favor of Greg McElroy. “Who” you may say, exactly. They then drafted a highly touted (well highly touted for this rookie class) QB Geno Smith in the early 2nd round, just to make sure Sanchez stays on his toes.

Geno has proven to be unprepared for the bigs just yet so it will be the Sanchez show for a while, or maybe not…

Rex Ryan decided to put Sanchez back into a pre-season game to make sure her got a win against the Giants. Purely for ego as the game doesn’t mean anything and in the process gets his starting QB hurt.

So what to do. Sanchez is hurt, McElroy is recovering from a concussion and Geno isn’t ready.

Enter this guy.
 photo a0a07763-4627-4745-8c8b-2385c490adab_zpsf653f4a2.jpg

Now I am not having a go at Graham. I wish him nothing but the best, but he is the best they could find?

I will draw your attention to the scan above. I took this off ebay and you will notice the card is stored in a page, not a toploader. That is the caliber of guy they are bringing in to help them out.

Granted he has a ring, which is one more than Dan Marino mind you.

I hope he comes in and lights it up for a few games. Then Sanchez is back to speed and they spend a few weeks dicking around about who should start. They eventually go with Mark, to the disgust of the fans. After a few weeks of Sanchez throwing picks and running in to his lineman’s butts they finally put Graham back in, but to late as they finish the season 4-12. All 4 wins under Graham.

In the off season the release Graham and he goes on to have a nice career elsewhere as the Jets draft another QB with an early pick.

A boy can dream can’t he?


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