Good trade?

My new house has a yard a good bit smaller than my old house.

The new yard is big enough for the kids to have a good time playing and being nuts like they do. It is small enough to be able to mow pretty easily with my push mower. As a result I decided I could get rid of my snapper rear engine riding mower.

My neighbor, this one, is a huge gear head and loves old snappers.

I thought I would see if he wanted to buy it, but he is such a good guy I decided to give it to him. Knowing him I doubt he would have accepted it so I decided to propose a trade.

I offered him my snapper with all the attachments and a 10 cubic foot mulch trailer for a few of his old cards.

In particular these two.
 photo stan-1.jpg

We has no real attachment to his cards and is thinking of selling them anyway so it was real win-win.

So how did I do?


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