I think I hate sports…

Why do I do it?

The lows far outweigh the highs.

I am talking about being a Minnesota sports fan.

The Twins stink on ice. The Vikings stink on ice. My one saving grace I thought would be the T-Wolves.

K-love was back in effect
 photo 08lovespa.jpg
No more knuckle push-ups.

He was hitting like 26-30 points and 12-15 boards a night.

The team was on fire! At one point they were #3 in a couple of rankings.

Then they remembered they were from Minnesota.

I still hold out hope, because I am too stupid to do otherwise.

Then down the road in Chi-town another bombshell lands that further rocks my sports fandom.

D-Rose busts up his other knee!

I think he may be done. I love Rose, he is one of my favorite players, 2nd really only to K-Love but he seems deffeated. He doesn’t seem to have the fight. Look at the playoffs last year. He was OK to play and his team was making a mini-run. But he decided to sit. It’s not really fair but lets compare him to the other MVP from Chi-Town. You think MJ would have sat back and watched his team lose?

I hate to say it but I think Rose will break the MVP to HOF streak.
 photo hoopsrose.jpg
If you don’t know what I mean check this out. Every NBA MVP that is eligible for the HOF is in the HOF.

I don’t think Rose is gonna make it and that stinks.


4 responses to “I think I hate sports…

  1. When I saw Rose go down and found out he was done for the season it brought back images of Jay Williams. His problems were due to his motorcycle accident, but he never came back. Same thing with Bobby Hurley. Though neither had the skills of Rose they are both a tragic tale of injuries destroying talent.

  2. Very sad. So glad we still have the Blackhawks.

  3. Well, in Minnesota we still have hope in the Wild!!

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