Did anyone get anything…

I tend to stay away from the black Friday insanity.

Call me old fashion but the day after Thanksgiving should be for relaxing with family and shopping online.

I hit up three stops on my black Friday online card trek.

First stop was the always exciting blowoutcards.com all day sale.

I picked up one of their door buster deals, a box of 12-13 Contenders bball
I payed just over $50. A pretty good deal.

I like basketball cards, I like Panini Contenders and I like deals, so it was a win, win, win!

Next I swung by icollectpanini.com.

Panini was running their always popular black Friday bonus pack promo. There aren’t any shops near me so I figured I would go staright to the source.

Their baseball products were the best deal as far as cost versus number of bonus packs. But alas, both baseball products were already sold out.

Dejected I moved on to my last stop.


Topps was releasing 2013 Turkey Red football at noon. For just under 20 clams you get 10 cards and one rookie autos.
I hit the site at 12:00pm eastern and waited, and waited, and finally at 12:20 they went live. I grabbed two boxes.

Last year it sold out fast. This year not so much. This years rookie class, especially the QBs is a little weak. It’s still a good deal and last time I checked they still had them available.

I am a little bummed I missed the Panini promo but I will survive.

Did anyone else grab anything?


One response to “Did anyone get anything…

  1. Jason Christopherson

    Did some Christmas shopping at blowout for my son (2013 Topps baseball minis and a box of Qubis) and daughter (Webkinz boxes for $10? Insane.), but I ended up not wanting to be killed so I resisted the temptation to get myself a little sumthin’.

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