Poor Boston…

I am not a nasty or spiteful man, but I do get a nice little bit of evil joy when a member of the Red Sox heads south down 95 to NYC.

The latest is a big one.
 photo 59320e58-589b-4f66-893d-d6906e6b5fd5_zps4f5f3812.jpg
Ellsbury is a great player with so much potential. A pretty decent loss for the Sox.

The Yanks on the other hand actually picked up a guy still on the up-slope of their career. I hope the days of paying tens of millions for guys in the twilight of their career is over.

My wife should be pretty happy.

She pulled the card above from a pack of 2007 Update. I told her it was like a $100 card and she didn’t give a shit because it was a Red Sox player. She is as die hard Yankee fan to the n-th degree. Maybe she can actually look at the card with out spitting on the floor.


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