Ok, this is crazy…

I am sure you have seen this “card”
 photo 9f850140-43a6-47d0-9bde-0c49fb7bf52e_zps6f7091be.jpg
I say card in quotes because I don’t like booklet cards because they aren’t really cards because they don’t fit in toploaders and pages.


Look at that silly silly card.

Why would anyone want more than one signature from a single guy on one card!? I may go as far to even call it stupid.

One theory I heard that I think may have some feet is that UD may not be long for the world so they are dumping inventory hence putting 16 sticker autos on one card. I hope it’s not true though.

I don’t like it


3 responses to “Ok, this is crazy…

  1. I heard the same thing, that this was a sticker dump. Though even if this is a sticker dump logic would suggest making 16 different autograph cards, that would keep people opening their product looking for the other cards. The LeBron version sold for $7,500 last week, I wonder what this card will reach.

  2. I dropped by the LCS the other day and a guy in there laid down $500+ bucks for a box of Exquisite while chatting with the shop owner about this card. It’s created a lot of buzz, and when you are struggling, any buzz is good buzz.

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