I’m BACK!!!

I have returned after a lengthy absence.

I have a good excuse, well excuses…

I just finished up my first year in my new job at the illustrious Virginia Commonwealth University, VCU if you’re nasty.

It proved to be a great decision to come to VCU and Richmond, but as with any new endeavor it took a lot of my time and attention. It still does but I have settled in enough to find some blog time.

I also had a new baby in November, another heavy transition. She is big enough now that my wife and I can catch a breath and actually spend a few moments on hobbies.

My time away from the blog and hobby has given me time to reflect and round out some opinions on the state of trading cards that I will be sharing with ya’ll.

I am sure readership is down close to zero so if you do read this and have any way to get the word out please let people now the Mojo Beard is back in business!


One response to “I’m BACK!!!

  1. Glad you’re back. I missed this as I’ve been struggling to find time to read blogs and write my own. Also glad you aren’t at the yucky school anymore. Congrats on the new little one.

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