My take on group breaks, or, whats wrong with the hobby…

I don’t like group breaks.

I have only been in one and that was enough.

I also don’t think they are good for the hobby. They push the high end higher. Doing so widens the gap between the average collector and the rich people that can gamble hundreds or thousands on a ultra high end break. It’s like a microcosm of the US, the 1% and the 99%

Not to sound like a old timer but there was a time when anyone could buy the same 50 cent pack of Topps and have the same shot at the big rookie card. Now most of us can just look on as people with cash to burn pay hundreds and thousands on boxes to try and hit the big patch auto numbered to 49 or whatever.

I can honestly say I took more enjoyments pulling a 1987 Bo Jackson rookie from a wax pack back in 1989 then I do pulling a low numbered parch auto of a top draft pick today.

I just wish the hobby would pull back from ultra high end. I don’t mean back to just regular releases like we had in the late ’80s, but enough with $3,500 boxes with 8 cards. It only pushes the top and leaves the rest of us looking up. Even breaks are just a way for average collectors to try and taste the ultra high end, and most seem to walk away less than satisfied.


One response to “My take on group breaks, or, whats wrong with the hobby…

  1. I think breaks are good for sampling multiple products. If i’m curious about some different releases and can’t find the packs locally, I’ll look for breaks that feature multiple boxes of different releases.
    That said, I agree with your comments about higher end products. It’s hard to nay-say something that clearly has a market/demand, but it’s certainly not for me.

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