Weird crap on ebay…

I was on the internets today, doing a little world wide webbing and decided to take a look at a little auction site I like to call ebays.

I found two items I would like to share.

Number one…


Yup, a tennis ball signed by NBA HOFer Isiah Thomas... you are reading that right, a tennis ball.

Two things:

First off, a tennis ball is a terrible matrix for an auto. Ya see it’s fuzzy so the auto gets all warped and, pardon my language, shitty.

Second, why have Isiah Thomas sign a tennis ball!? That doesn’t make no sense!

I almost want to spend 25 bucks just to show people how dumb it is.

The next item is very interesting…

It’s an empty case of 1952 Topps high numbers.

That is kinda cool as an oddity but look at the listing here… an empty box for 45k! You can buy a complete ’52 Topps set for that!

The write up is awesome. It states the box is from a case Mr. Mint found and opened pulling some of the highest graded Mantles ever. Cool for sure but not 45k cool.

It states that a case yields about 50 Mantles. Holy Crappolla!


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