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Dick Perez at his best…

The Diamond Kings were one of the best early “insert cards”. They were part of the base set, hence insert in quotes, but at the time the definitely felt like something special or at least different. I am not the … Continue reading

Interview With Dick Perez

Well… I am snowed in at work… AGAIN, and this time sans cards, which leaves me a little short on blogging material. In the meantime, do what I did and check out the awesome Dick Perez interview over at The … Continue reading

Brian Kong Interview

With all the criticism surrounding Topps Chicle I thought I would be a good idea to post an interview I had last year with well-known comic book, and sports artist Brian Kong. I would like to thank Brian Kong, and The … Continue reading

Hall worthy…

With the HOF ballots out it’s the perfect time to check out Panini’s Cooeprstown Baseball set. A box will run you around $90, yield one on-card auto of a HOFer and mess of other great stuff. The base cards look … Continue reading