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Digging Deeper – Tracking The Babe In 1923

Throughout the course of my research on Babe Ruth’s 1923 barnstorming trip across PA and western NY, I’ve come across little tidbits of information that while not directly related to my search for Dutch Schneider, are equally of interest to … Continue reading

Tracking The Babe In 1923 Revisited

Some new information has come to light regarding the whereabouts of Babe Ruth in the Fall of 1923, and how it relates to the rumored fateful meeting between he, and my wife’s great-grandfather, Donald “Dutch” Schneider. A big thank you … Continue reading

Tracking The Babe In 1923 Pt. 7

Well… here it is… the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Finally, after 8 posts worth of beardy’s ramblings, we’re finally going to get to the part where Ruth and Dutch are in the same town. This has to be … Continue reading

Tracking The Babe In 1923 Pt. 6

To date, the only information I’ve got on where Ruth went after playing that game in Oil City, PA is his whereabouts 3 full days later, on 10/31/23, when he played an exhibition game in Williamsport, PA. This appearance in … Continue reading

Tracking The Babe In 1923 Pt. 5

When we last left the Bam, on 10/26/23, he was being mauled by a crowd of 6,000 young boys in Scranton, PA, while making his way across the great state of Pennsylvania; creeping ever so closer to his supposed meeting … Continue reading