what’s the biz?

We’re just three dudes who happen to have a passion for sports cards.

About Kevin: I am an old school collector that at my core loves cards and I have a tendency to ramble about the late ’80s and early ’90s card boom. I am a devout Minnesota Twins fan, and split my football allegiance between the Steelers and Vikings. My wife is a huge Yankees fan and is my collecting partner. We have two kids who will, no matter what their mother says, grow up to be Twins fans. E-mail me at kwade1976 @ hotmail.com

About Beardy: I am a devout Baltimore sports fan, and writer/editor of Beardy’s Baseball Blog. I also love to trade, don’t hesitate to contact me with any offers for Orioles cards, especially thos of Nick Markakis, Adam Jones & Frank Robinson. When I am not collecting I like to ride my mountain bike, and drink beer. I also enjoy long walks on the beach, and cheesy romantic comedies.

About Mojo: Proud husband, and father of a seven year old princess. I am a well-known conspiracy theorist, dog lover, and cat lover. I rip packs, and despise corporate collectors. I love our national pastime, and untill recently was a huge fan of the steroid era. I was blessed with the poverty-stricken team known as The Oakland Athletics, and believe  the book Money-Ball was a coverup. I will trade in your favor only so don’t waste my time. I collect Cat Osterman, and a few other random players so please fell free to inquire within.

4 responses to “what’s the biz?

  1. WTF….. lmfao Cheesy is right!

  2. You got it!

  3. When do I get a blurb? 😛

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