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Series Two Splurge, and The Mystery of 61..

Four boxes of Topps Series Two mini blasters. Im almost to the top of the mountain… just eleven unique rings left.. You  can read all about that here.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.. Show us the cards mojo..

Two very solid cards, of two very solid players. If I were a player collector of either of the two I would definitely be all over these.  The more I look  at the Blyleven card the more it grows on me. It’s incredibly mosaic, and has the appearance of Bert throwing from a mound of gold.

The “Diamond Stars” inserts come one a mini blaster, and” in hand” are incredible looking cards, however,  I’m sure It won’t be long before Topps overproduces the “diamond look ” into oblivion. It’s already getting to the point where the ever so hungry “death stack ” anxiously awaits the semi-scrubs arrival. Im predicting it here…next up the relic version..

The ” Sapphire Blue” inserts also come one a mini blaster, and I pulled no other than  the great Sandy Koufax. I’m actually really impressed with the amount of detail put into this insert…..from Sandy’s throwing motion all the way to the shadow underneath him….flawless..


I managed to pull a total of four code cards, or should I say one per mini blaster. A far cry from the four per  $15.00 value box I was pulling  earlier this year. As I typed in the last code I was elated to see Roger Maris appear on my screen, but what really “topped” it off was my ring total..

Take a close look at the screen..

The legend of 61 lives!!!!!!




When It comes to retail I usually never venture any further out then my local Wally-World to get my fix, however,  from time to time, or just by plain old accident my love for cardboard  takes me to all four corners of the retail universe. Last night I decided to head over to “Tarjay ” for 30% off pool supplies, but as I arrived like a piece of steel to a magnet I was quickly diverted to the card isle.

As I glanced over the neatly stacked blasters, and ghetto hangers I noticed a small box tucked under the bottom shelf full of miscellaneous wax. Could this be the missing treasure chest De Retailia , the holy grail of retail ? Pretty darn close as it was loaded full of dolla fity packs from the mid two thousands and beyond.

In a crazed frenzy I  began to snatch up packs of  Donruss Studio, Leather & Lumber, and Leaf Certified like a cardboard fiend fresh out of rehab. It was only when I approached the cashier  that I noticed something  terribly wrong .. that square piece of leather that hangs out in your back pocket…well… it wasn’t there.

Then a retail miracle happened.

As I began to exit my eight year old daughter  Grace  screamed DAD!!  reached into her oversized  purse , and bailed out dad with a handful of change… the result.



A 2004 retail pack of “Donruss” Studio… I have to be honest with all of you “incredible readers” one of the reasons I picked this here pack was  it felt like a brick. Living proof that Mojo is far from a pack searcher as five-year old retail cards tend to stick together.

Shall We.

Back in the mid 2000’s  retail racks were overcrowded with brands like Studio, Leaf Certified, and other miscellaneous Fleer products.It was a great time for collecting , variation was king, and posts flowed like water through a stream. As far as Donruss Studio goes well It wasn’t the greatest release of Its time, but looking  at whats out there today ( Topps) Its wasn’t bad, not bad at all.

What a pleasant surprise a second year Ryan Howard rookie card!

The Philadelphia skyline never looked so good, however, I still need pool supplies.


Mojo’s Card Corner…

Looks like I will be holding the fort this week  ( scary right) while Beardy chills at the beach, and Kevin hands out dorm keys.  So what better time than to share a  few recent additions to the collection, and swing a trade or two while I’m at it.

A few pick-ups…

U.B Mojo "Green.. Green Shine"... Inspired by A.J Mazza

Give me ” Green Shine” because it make me feel fine
Make me feel fine all of the time.

Green, green shine  make me feel so fine
Monkey pack him rizla on the sweet sep line…

Green, Green shine  I love you right from the start
Right from the start with all of my heart ..

Mojo really do..

( how damn cheesy)

I’m not going to blow smoke up you’re behind..I hate manufactured patches, however, I’m torn on this, because of the retro look of the patch.. I’m really tempted to remove it from the card, and have my mom sew it too either my hat, or jersey..It would definitely be a first that’s for sure.. stay tuned..

Thanks goes to Kevin’s Blog for this addition..


I know I can be a little lazy when it comes to posting/trading, but I have turned a new leaf as far as life goes ( new job), and will be focusing more on ” The Mojo Beard” experiment ..You have my word..

Lets make a Philly fan happy..Its on-card, minty fresh, and pulled straight from an 05 U.D Origins pack . Yes folks I know It’s hard to believe that  Upper Deck made ” licensed” retro style cards at one point. I also know this card would be appreciated more  in the hands of a fanatic. So let’s make it happen. I collect Lincecum, Sanchez, and Osterman, but I’m also open for new ventures as well.


I thought Michelle Bachman had crazy eyes.. A very sweet “75′ mini relic, but like the Utley needs a home where it can be admired, and appreciated..

Trust me this scan does this card no justice whatsoever.. It’s actually super cool 3D unlike the poop thrown out there over the years. Also for trade.. I thought about keeping this one, but didn’t want to be a negative influence on tiny josh.. If you know what I mean..

Last, but not least..


Damn this is a gorgeous card…Its too bad I’m a Yankee hater..

I can be reached at All trades are initiated on a  first comment  first dibs basis..

Stay tuned for a huge Tristar T.N.A Signiture review/give-away.. Regardless if you’re a wrestling fan, or not there will be a few  nice cards for the taking..

T.M.H  ( that’s right I post here occasionally)

Topps Linage Retail…..

Ah, Yes  What would  strolling the overcrowded mess at your local Wally be without the retail card aisle? It would be…well, the best answer wins the entire blaster below…

UPDATE:  Ryan thanks for the laugh.. Everyone else thanks as well.. I will get in touch with you soon..

Minus one card, or two, and no Its not the hit either..


Does the world of sports cards really need another tribute that pays homage to cards from the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. the answer is… sure why not. Over a sixty year span there is only so much you can do on a 2½ by 3½ inch piece of cardboard, sooner or later you’re going to end up marketing the past.

It happens with fashion,  music  you name it , and trust me sports cards is not immune. Has Topps gone overboard over the years?  If so It hasn’t bothered  a majority of collectors as  even my local Ghetto-Mart  with Its dust-covered 1/2 off blasters was completely wiped out, and not to mention the cases upon cases that are joyfully ( sarcasim) getting ripped  over the forums. So without any further ado lets take a quick peek at Topps Linage Retail.

ODDS ( Per readers request)


The Bronx Bombers

Any time you pull these two cats out of the same blaster  you done good. As far as the design goes, it works.  In my opinion when It comes to cover versions simplicity is king, and Topps executes this technique very well. A quality shot of the ball-player accompanied by a very  basic/ clean design. Bravo Topps, well done.


Im a huge fan of  eighties junk wax design work , and  Topps Glossy All-Stars Is a perfect example of a terribly over produced era. I wonder If Topps sprinkled on card certified ink on any of these?  Hobby guys hit me us with the 411 If you can. For those youngsters out there Topps Glossy All-Stars were inserted in rack packs from about mid 80s until 1989…(thank you Kevin the card historian for the memory boost on this one)

Not the lick em stick em tattoo I was hoping for, but hey a cloth sticker is right up there buddy. Dare me to send this bad boy into PSA for grading?…Nah Its going to Kevin for proofing my posts, and making them readable to the public.

Stand Ups!! How freaking awesome is this..If not for the fact this box was headed out the door I would definitely consider popping this bad boy up on the dashboard of my truck..Its even got the facsimile autograph slapped on front.. Genius.. Hey babe! You know where you put that superglue?

The “75”  Musial mini.. Sorry but this bad boy is a keeper. I can see how vintage guys rave over these. Its just an awesome card period..

Nothing new here… Carry on..

Some collectors see the ” Platinum Diamond” as a cheap version of  the refractor.. Mojo sees it as an alternate shine universe.. Beardy gets the Robinson, but  Mr. Jones goes.

THE HIT…  ONE PER BLASTER…..Drum roll please..

The “75” mini relic.. Awesome..

However,  I was a little disturbed to see It individually wrapped in cellophane. In my opinion It takes away from the excitement of the pull.. Also….have  relic cards become such the norm that every single freaking box has to have one?

I guess so.. What do yo guys think?

Mojo Meter… 4/5 Fingers


Facsimile Error? You decide..

The following card came from one of those wacky guys over at The Mojo Beard.. I think his name is Kevin…Thanks guy..

Ahh…Yes..The sacred blue shine, and a card I needed badly. However upon second glance there seems to be a little problem with the facsimile autograph.

It’s no way in hell Andrew Baileys.. Or is it?

Here is an example of what Andrews autograph currently looks like.. Its pretty consistent as well, and hasn’t changed in years. The facsimile autograph above has two t’s among other discrepancies that are pretty obvious..

What do you guys think?

Card Devaluation Who’s To Blame?

Will history repeat Itself?

The word Card Devaluation isn’t a term you hear regularly. Collectors are well aware It exists  just ask the  Ebay  Zybot  trying to make a buck ( literally) off a massive crop of single white relics that came one a box..  ( oh no here comes the Ebay anger rant …duck!!!!) ..  I call you Ebay shills out !!right here!! .. Lets see how accurate you’re bastard of a price guide is when hyper inflation hits, and  Arods  event worn sock sells for 10,000 dollars a pop. Or when deflation hits and your Strasburg auto sells for a nickel…. Oops that’s already happening.. ( sarcastic)  Some say the dollar ( Beckett) isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on …Is that why they print sports cards on cardboard..  ..

The said truth is our collections continue to lose value ..  Who’s behind this crap, or should I say what?  and how does it end..

This is an open discussion please take part.. Nothing is more rewarding to The Mojo Beard  than hearing your views..



Topps Diamond Giveaway Goodies..

Thanks to a gazillion Value Packs  I’m only 15 rings away from the promise land, however, as soon as they “dry up” I can see myself struggling to acquire the few remaining rings needed to enter the contest.  If any collectors out there would like  to give me a “hand” I would most certainly throw some ” live wax” in your direction …My account name is themojohand..

Yes.!!. a complete freaking set..I gets it.. I’m completely elated, and can’t wait to stare at the box when it arrives. Unlike the typical complete set found on Wally World shelves I actually see this set holding future value.. This year’s set also included some really cool inserts ..Its just too bad the collector in me wont allow myself to take a peek inside, and check them out..

Every field is guaranteed to hold a valuable live prize, and as you can tell I have pretty much dug around it.. The worse case scenario here is getting down to the last patch of sod, and having the contest end. Could you imagine?


Please feel free to share your top three.. I’m really interested in hearing what success other collectors have had.

Thanks Kids,