The King!

I finally have it.

One of the all time great cards, easily one of the top 5 Topps cards of all time…


A 1968 Nolan Ryan rookie card!

This is a Monster of a card.

Back in the day, the early ’90s, this cards was the object of desire for any collector.

I paid just over two bills for it. Less than the price of a modern higher end box of cards.

Next on the list is a 1967 Tom Seaver…


HOF 2014…

This afternoon I tried to make my wife and kids watch the baseball HOF induction ceremony. After Bobby Cox’s speech they got tired of my trying to name all the HOFers seated behind the inductees and went to Chipotle. I DVRed the ceremony and just watched it a few minutes ago.

A few thoughts.

I like how a few of Bobby Cox’s stories went no where and Glavine and Maddux just looked at him with no reaction. From their reaction to his speech your would think they don’t like each other.

Greg Maddux seemed like he didn’t want to be there. Torre even mentioned it in his loooooong speech and re-cap of every Yankees World Series and Maddux just stared at him.

Carlton Fisk was looking off to the side the entire time, I am not sure if he was mad about something or maybe there was a TV monitor just off stage but he was very distracted.

I think Bruce Sutter fell asleep.

Tom Seaver is looking good, he has a few years on guys like Sutter and Nolan Ryan but looks much younger.

Frank Thomas is giant.

The big hurt was one of the biggest names of my teen years and one of the biggest names on cardboard in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

 photo 1990leafft.jpg

His ’90 Leaf card was MASSIVE, bigger than even the iconic ’89 Griffey for a time.

His speech was easily the most emotional, it was Mike Schmidt levels of emotion.

I am still holding out hope that Hrbek gets in as a veterans selection.


I’m BACK!!!

I have returned after a lengthy absence.

I have a good excuse, well excuses…

I just finished up my first year in my new job at the illustrious Virginia Commonwealth University, VCU if you’re nasty.

It proved to be a great decision to come to VCU and Richmond, but as with any new endeavor it took a lot of my time and attention. It still does but I have settled in enough to find some blog time.

I also had a new baby in November, another heavy transition. She is big enough now that my wife and I can catch a breath and actually spend a few moments on hobbies.

My time away from the blog and hobby has given me time to reflect and round out some opinions on the state of trading cards that I will be sharing with ya’ll.

I am sure readership is down close to zero so if you do read this and have any way to get the word out please let people now the Mojo Beard is back in business!


Royale with Cheese…again…


Totally Certified Hockey video review…


Video review of 2013-14 Panini Pinnacle BBall…

With a house full of kids finding time to write posts is near impossible.

I have decided to do some video recaps to keep the site going.


Thanks Jay Z…

So Cano is a Mariner.

How dull. This can’t be a good move for Cano.