Top Card Gallery

This is simply a place for our readers to post a picture of their top card.

*If you want a card added just send an e-mail to mojo-k-@hotmail . com. Send a scan (at least 320×240) as well as a few sentences about why this is your top card.*

Short of the ’52 Mantle I can’t think of a card that is more instantly recognizable. Jordan is the best in his game and this is his top card. Top card of the top guy = my Top Card.

Justin G. (
It is a bad ass card of a bad ass player. I am a Eddie Murray collector and this card just lept past a couple of the relic cards that I picked up at the NSCC. It is a night card, has the old style uniforms that they should never have gotten rid of, and his pose is one of sheer intimidation. He has a casual relaxedness (not sure if that’s a word) that seems to say, “yeah you got good stuff, but I’ve been down this road before, my friend”.

Spankee (
I know you are probably thinking that the ’89 Upper Deck Griffey RC is the only Griffey worthy of the “Top Card” title. The ’89 Donruss Griffey RC, however, defines what card collecting is all about for me. I was too young and poor to afford the Upper Deck rush when Griffey stole the show, so I had to settle for Donruss. I saved up my allowance and any other money I came across just to be able to rip a pack. I told the LCS shopkeeper that I was going to get the Griffey. I chose the front left stack, third pack down. A few cards in, I found my Griffey. There’s something amazing about pulling that one card you want from a pack. The shopkeeper gave me a penny sleeve and toploader for my Griffey, the only card I owned worthy of a toploader. The card has never left that toploader. With that one card, my shoebox of cards became a collection. You can take my inserts, parallels, serial numbered, autos and relics, but don’t touch my Griffey.

Greg (
1950 Bowman. A classic set. Elegant. Mini. Awesome. Roy Campanella. A classic player. One of the greatest catchers of all-time. Combine the two, and it’s easy to see how Campy’s 1950 Bowman is one of the greatest cards of all-time. A great pose of Roy, the powder blue sky-like background, and that beautiful Brooklyn Dodgers B on his cap. It took me months to land this card, and a last-minute sniping on eBay had me thinking I might never obtain it. But I did, and the PSA 3 designation is just a cool little side note, especially considering it looks far better than a 3. The other fantastic thing about this card is that many copies are fairly affordable on eBay, and for such a great player to have a card as awesome as this be equally obtainable just further cements the greatness of the card.

AJ (The Lost Collector)
My top card isn’t a super card. It’s not particularly valuable money-wise. But it means a lot to me. Tino Martinez was my favorite Yankee growing up. I collect his cards and have over 600 different, which isn’t too bad considering he was never really a mainstream player and wasn’t usually included in insert the sets the way Griffey or Bonds was.

As a TTM hobbyist, I sent Tino a few letters with a card, but never got a response. I never got offended – he was a busy man playing for a popular team. I’m sure he got a lot of fan mail. In September 2001, Tino sat out for a few games with a wrist injury. The Yankees has a homestand coming up, so I thought “maybe he’ll catch up on his mail.” I sent him a card to Yankee Stadium, half expecting to never see it again (it’s ok, it was a duplicate). I even dressed up the envelope a little bit, taking the Collector’s Choice sticker card of him and decorating the envelope with Tino’s likeness and the Yankees logo. Maybe it would help.

On September 23 (my birthday), I returned home from school to find a self-address stamped envelope post-marked from the Bronx. I quickly ripped it open, and out fell the Tino card I sent, signed beautifully. What a gift! To this day, I’ve never come across another Tino TTM success from other collectors. With over 600 cards in my Tino PC, this one will forever be my favorite.

Who’s next?

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