It’s Time To Play a Little Game…

Inspired by some trading shenanigans that took place between Petersen and I.

The game is called “Hot Tejada”, and works very much the same way that “Hot Potato” does. You see, a few months back now, Petersen sent me the Miguel Tejada relic pictured below. While organizing my collection a few weeks back I happened to notice that I had 2 copies of this particular card, and no idea how I came to possess either of them. Petersen and I were in the process of making another trade, and I know he is a bit of an O’s fan himself, so I sent him the Tejada relic double, without the knowledge that he was the one who sent to me in the first place.

Maybe I'll try to find some flame stickers to put on the penny sleeve. That way it's really obvious that you are holding the "Hot Tejada".

Well… we just completed yet another trade, and guess what he sent back to me? Not only did he send it back, but he also included a note, which stated we were playing a game of “Hot Tejada”.

Here’s how it will work… since I like to trade, I am going to randomly choose a victim, and will be sending that victim the “Hot Tejada”. That person then has to send it out to someone else, and so on and so forth. Typically, the loser is the one who is stuck with the card when the music ends. For Baseball fanatics like ourselves, the music is over when the season ends. The music stops on October 3, 2010, and whoever is stuck with the “Hot Tejada” on that date will be receiving a bubble mailer full of all the cards I received in this year’s round of brutal bippings.

I would also like to track the progress of the Hot Tejada, and will be keeping track in the sidebar. If you, or someone you know receives the “Hot Tejada”, please be sure to post it, and drop me a link if you don’t mind.



9 responses to “It’s Time To Play a Little Game…

  1. I know you’re an Orioles fan, so you may not remember this, but not EVERYONE’S season is over on October 3.

    Jon (Cubs fan and most likely fellow 10/3-er)

  2. This is an outstanding idea. It’ll be like a dollar bill in circulation, only with smaller traces of cocaine on it.

  3. Great idea. i’m so psyched.

  4. Play at the Plate

    Smaller traces…right.

  5. I thought I’d seen someone else doing this kinda things, but I just cannot remember who.

    Oh well.

  6. I didn’t get any Bips… Prolly won’t get a hot Tejada either… oh, bother… guess I’ll go back to my lunch of annelids and nematodes…

  7. For there will be no mercy spared!

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